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Life is More Than Just Living

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Welcome to the journal where we RATE YOUR LIFE.

Here's how it works!

1. You Join
2. You make a post asking us to rate your life; how exciting it is, how interesting you as a person are. Basically we judge whether or not you have a life.

If you do not make a post within 48 hours of joining, I will remove you from the list and make a post pointing out how you can't follow simple directions. (and they are VERY simple)

Example: "Dude do you ever go OUT? It's all about fights with your family. Here's a clue; GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND YOU MAY ARGUE WITH THEM LESS." or "Holy cow! You had an exciting cool life!" or "Damnit, NO MORE DRAMA."

3. We read 5-10 entries in your journal, and we go from there, offering our critique via comments to the post you made on our community.
4. Depending on how things go, you may be invited to join the community and then YOU CAN RATE PEOPLE TOO.

Here are some WARNINGS:

We will be really brutally honest. Please don't kill yourself over what we, strangers, have to say about your life. It's just the goddamn internet, we'll never meet. Move on.

This is more for curiousity/interest/amusement....for everyone, the raters and the rateees (that's not a word, but I say it is).

After the rating has been done, you either remove yourself from the members list, or I will remove you myself; no muss no fuss. Unless you've been asked to join. Then stick around.

At least have some basic spelling sense; if u r goin 2 rite like this then i will kill u. And you will be mocked. Just because this is the internet doesn't mean we have to be lazy morons.

If your journal is friends only and you want your life to be rated, be prepared to have that fact pointed out, and we will make stuff up about you and rate that.

And remember, this is all for fun, please don't get all bent out of shape over this.

Oh and here are the awesome people that will be rating your lives.